Tuesday, 3 September 2013

It's a bee's life

Honey Bee on Sedum
Well this is the first post of hopefully many! I hope you enjoy reading about The Gardeneur!

I am still trying to work out how blogging works! Now a 38 year old who has grown up with a bit of technology should know better and hopes that his two daughters who are 2 1/2 and 1 don't catch him up.

So to get things started - Out in the garden the other day I noticed that our Gooseberry Fool Sedum that we planted earlier on in the year had attracted a large number of honey bees and bumble bees. It's great to see them at work, especially as though they all had such a bad start to the year. I am sure those icy cold mornings of cycling down to the station to catch the 0557 lasted a lot longer than normal!!  

Our garden is literally full of wildlife at the moment and that includes the girls 'looking after the veg and flowers'. 

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