Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A Spring Get Together

Looking back at the year, I realised just how grateful everyone was when spring had finally sprung...
It had been a cold winter for Hampshire, however, some crisp mornings were stunning. Spring though is a wonderful time of the year when life is literally about to explode. The different coloured greens on trees and plants show everything is still young and fresh. The spring flowers give a sneak preview of the explosion of colour that awaits us all.

So what better thing is there than to have a truly British celebration in the form of a garden party with family and friends in your garden..

The aromas emanating from chicken on the BBQ fill every corner of the garden..

Pudding of home made scones, magda biscuits, a victoria sponge placed on a table decorated with the first bluebells and wild garlic flowers, was all washed down with a refreshing cup of tea while we admired the sun going down over the trees.

I like to be part of my garden and feel that I belong in it. Us Brits are renowned for our gardens but recent research has shown that we don't spend nearly as much time as we would like in them. On average we spend just over 1/2 hour in the garden every day, rising to one hour for the over 55's.

A lot of us are lucky enough to have one, don't just admire your garden, be a part of it. Think about how your garden can reflect the type of person you are. Think about your favourite parts of the garden, sunny and shady areas, activities you enjoy in the garden - entertaining or having fun with the children.

Once you have the concept in your head make it a reality and really start to be at one with your surroundings. You never know you may find that you start to spend more time in your gardens and have a 'get together' for each season.

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